Whether a company is experiencing a growth spurt or is just being born, it's best to take a moment before diving into aesthetics and get a solid map of where to go. We want to partner together to define and clarify the company's purpose, find its voice, get a deeper understanding of its customers and what they want, define business goals, and then leverage those findings to build a framework to achieve those goals.

What's discussed in a strategy session?

At the end of a strategy session, your business will be equipped with a thorough and highly personalized guide that can be used internally for stakeholders or externally for designers working on your brand elements, even if you don't work with me in the end. The goal of this strategy session is to clearly define what makes your company unique and how to best communicate that to the people you want to do business with the most.

  • Positioning

    The definition of what your brand is and how it's perceived in the minds of your target audience.

  • Customer Personas

    The key to understanding your customers and how they experience your brand.

  • Revenue Segmentation

    A thorough examination with the result of spotting opportunities that can turn into revenue and a competitive edge.

  • Brand Attributes

    These are the tangible parts of the brand: The imagery, language, actions and more that allow us to make the brand unique.

  • Competitor Analysis

    This is where we understand where a brand is in relation to its competition in order to make tactical decisions for growth.

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Ready for brand clarity?