The Pilot Group Insurance Agency

Concept developed by Chris Nunn

Branding & Identity Concept

The Pilot Group is an insurance agency that focuses on providing a select offering of low-cost and tailored business insurance solutions catered to  small companies, startups, dispersed teams and solopreneurs. Through user research and persona creation, both demographic and psychographic data were used to create a voice and visual identity that would appeal to a young, nimble and visionary target market.

The challenge

As time moves onward, the rules of engagement between companies and the customers they want have changed dramatically. With shortening attention spans and a general disdain for traditional advertising such as in-your-face "buy me now" campaigns, brands need to be more attractive, treating the customer relationship as a long term courtship.

Adding to the challenge, the ever increasing pressure for brands to deliver engaging content has mounted as social media savvy users dominate the marketplace, looking for the products and services that appeal to them and quickly rejecting companies' attempts at wooing them with a hard sell. Developing an attractive brand that stands out is key to getting attention.

With The Pilot Group, the aim is to use bright colors and develop an authentic voice that focuses less on the features of the brand and more on its benefits to the consumer. Essentially, the goal is to clearly and beautifully answer the questions "What's in it for me and why should I care?" Companies that understand the importance of the why, have a greater chance at connecting.

Pilot Group brand guide by Chris Nunn, Atlanta, Conyers graphic designer


"Brands can no longer just 'get by.'

Brands today must be relevant, distinct, real, definitive, and not entirely predictable.

Anything less demands an intervention."

David Brier — Brand Intervention

As one of tons of insurance related companies in the marketplace, The Pilot Group needs to stand out in order to avoid being viewed as a commodity. By developing a unique personality that mirrors that of its target audience, engaging them where their values are, The Pilot Group begins speaking the same language as the people it wants to attract, gaining loyalty as it mirrors.  

Pilot Group skateboard design by Chris Nunn, Atlanta, Conyers graphic designer
Business card, letterhead, envelope and stationery design by Chris Nunn, design strategist, Atlanta, Conyers, GA
The Pilot Group Business Card design by Chris Nunn, design strategist, in Japanese subway
Mobile phone website on iPhone for The Pilot Group Insurance Company by Chris Nunn, Atlanta, Conyers UX designer
Full home page design of The Pilot Group website by Chris Nunn, Atlanta, Conyers, GA web, brand identity and UX designer