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Roof Logos, a subsidiary of Mid-South Roof Systems, contracted Atlanta-based digital marketing and interactive agency, Sideways 8, to build a new website that would better reflect the achievements of the company and highlight the impact their service could have on the bottom line of their clients. I worked in conjunction with the genius team over at Sideways8 as a designer, developer and assistant copywriter to help bring this project to life.

The challenge

As the name implies, Roof Logos is in the business of applying large scale logos atop the roofs of brick and mortar establishments. The goal with this project was to explore ways to really highlight Roof Logos' growth and express that in an appealing way to the end user both visually and through copy.

Having done rooftop applications for big names such as Dick's Sporting Goods and more, showcasing an A-list of customers wasn't a difficult challenge. However, it was the discovery of some photos of the Mercedes Benz Stadium project in the company's Dropbox that sparked a major change in my creative direction. 

Immediately, and very excitedly, the focus of the home page of this site became clear; What better way to both highlight growth and validate Roof Logos' service at the same time than by showcasing front and center its utilization in a major public development for one of the world's most prominent brands?

Roof Logos responsive web design by Chris Nunn for Sideways8 Interactive in Atlanta, GA

Creating an authentic voice

Nowadays, the idea of the faceless monolithic organization as a brand is dead. It's increasingly more important for companies to show some personality and a human side in order to gain trust and remain relevant among savvy consumers, even in the B2B space. For websites to aid in the conversion process, having this voice present in the copy is absolutely imperative.

In Sideways 8's client brief, a very important question is asked. "If your business was a famous person, who would it be?"

And in my first taste of the wonderful personality of Roof Logos, I saw the answer "Imagine if Abraham Lincoln and Andy Warhol had a baby — You can trust us with your branding, but there's also that fun, crazy pop culture side." 

That statement sealed the deal for me. After I finished a deep belly laugh, I added it to the head of the site's about page and began playing with other punny phrases such as "See what we've been Up to" and "Expertise that's got you covered." These expressions help establish an authentic brand voice which makes the company more relatable and therefore clearly distinguishable from any possible competitors.

Roof logos project image by Chris Nunn for Sideways8 Interactive, Atlanta, GA
Full page web design page of Roof Logos website by Chris Nunn for Sideways8 Interactive, Atlanta, GA

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