Mid-South Roof Systems

  • Agency: Sideways 8 Interactive
  • Client: Mid-South Roof Systems
  • Designer/Developer: Chris Nunn
  • Content Strategist: Andrea Whitcomb
  • Project Manager: Julie Anderson

Web design, WordPress, Beaver Builder, HTML/CSS, UX

Mid-South Roof Systems is one of the largest commercial roofing companies in the United States. Boasting a client list of corporate super giants like WalMart, IKEA, Sysco, Delta Airlines and more, Mid-South wanted a website update that
would match the superiority of the quality and craftsmanship they’d come to be known for. With none other than Sideways 8 Interactive at the helm, I was personally requested by Mid-South Roof Systems President, Darren Hatton to create the new website look.

The challenge

Working alongside content strategist Andrea Whitcomb, I pulled the copy she’d created in Slickplan to begin laying out the website. Just like in the Roof Logos project however, something seemed to be amiss. This time both Andrea and I came to the same discovery while combing through Darren’s Dropbox — Mid-South did a bunch of distribution center roofs ...for Amazon.

Talk about a selling point! When you’re trusted to do work for arguably one of the most disruptive companies in history, it’s time to talk about it. Like really talk about it.

Come to find out, Darren wasn’t too far off track. He’d had one of the Amazon DC jobs documented on video and pointed out that it was in the shared Dropbox folder. Score. We just needed to bring it to the forefront.

So what good is all that hype if nobody hears about it? Over 60% of website visitors are using mobile, and while Mid-South’s ideal client might start the awareness phase of the sales funnel on the desktop, best believe that the majority of the browsing will likely take place somewhere less glamorous like
the restroom or the gym. Therefore, the mobile version of the site needed to be just as engaging and clean.

Mid-South Roof Systems website shown on responsive devices
Mid-South Roof Systems website shown on responsive devices