Agency: Sideways 8 Interactive

Client: Corporate Sports Unlimited

Designer/Developer: Chris Nunn

Project Manager: Julie Anderson

Programmer: Marty Eason

Web Design, WordPress, Beaver Builder, HTML/CSS

Corporate Sports Unlimited's FitTripRx membership website needed a facelift that would bring it into the responsive web era, and it also required a fresh look and functionality to match. I was contracted by Sideways 8 Interactive to assist their team as the designer and developer on this project.

The challenge

When FitTrip came to Sideways8, they already had a strong brand identity system. The problem they were now encountering was that their website wasn't updated to be mobile friendly. The desktop version needed some major polish also in order to look more modern and appealing.

Anyone that understands basic SEO knows that having a website that doesn't play well with mobile means losing page rank with Google and other search engines in addition to potentially losing lots of visitors, and by lots, I mean over 60% of all internet users. That's a lot of missed opportunity.

Being mobile optimized was just one part of the order. Not to be discounted in importance, FitTrip also needed an updated desktop look and experience, especially to it's member dashboard users land at upon logging into their account. This was a tall order but fun to bring to life.

And we delivered

Mobile phone view of FitTripRx website by Chris Nunn, design strategist for Sideways8 Interactive, Atlanta, GA

Working alongside programming guru, Marty Eason, I was tasked with modifying the layout for the member login landing page. According to the specifics given, I tried to keep the interface as clean as possible, giving attention to readability and aesthetic appeal.

Fit Trip Rx login landing page web design by Chris Nunn for Sideways8 Interactive

This is a mock-up I created of the mobile leaderboard design for Marty. I don't know if there's a gym anywhere called Cake + Cardio, but I think the idea is brilliant. Count me in please.

Mobile view of leaderboard design for FitTripRx by Chris Nunn for Sideways8 Interactive in Atlanta, GA
Full web design page for by Chris Nunn for Sideways8 Interactive

Better web = Better business